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Spinal decompression can be an excellent solution for people who live with back pain. This non-surgical solution is offered by Dr An at An Chiropractic & Spine Center in Dallas, Texas.


Spinal Decompression Q & A

by Ted S. An, DC

What Is Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression?

Non-surgical spinal decompression is a treatment that was designed by a team of leading physicians and medical engineers. This treatment was created to help with conditions like lower back pain and sciatica due to herniated discs or disc deterioration. This non-surgical treatment can dramatically reduce back pain for many people, even allowing them to return to the physical activities they may have abandoned in the past. Non-surgical spinal decompression has a very high success rate in resolving most problems related to the lumbar discs.

What Can Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Help With?

Non-surgical spinal decompression can help with neck pain, sciatica pain, disc deterioration pain, spinal stenosis, arthritis, and facet syndrome along with many other conditions impacting the neck and the back. This type of treatment may be used during rehab as a patient recovers from surgery, or it may be used to help a patient after a failed back or neck surgery.


How Does Treatment Work?

Non-surgical spinal decompression gently separates the spine to relieve both pain and pressure. As the patient lies on their back, a lower body harness will be securely and safely attached. As the non-surgical spinal decompression process starts, the machine will very gradually pull the spine apart, which gives the discs and vertebrae the space they need. The spine will then gently be re-aligned. The process doesn’t cause discomfort, although a mild pulling sensation is possible. Dr. An utilizes the latest, cutting-edge technology for spinal decompression with the DRX-9000. This rare machine provides patient's with the most comfortable, effective experience do decompress the spine.

What Is Surgical Spinal Decompression?

Surgical spinal decompression, including procedures like laminectomy, was the old-fashioned way to alleviate pain and pressure in the spine. This type of surgery requires anesthesia, hospital time, and a protracted recovery. Non-surgical spinal decompression can often accomplish the very same things that surgical spinal decompression can, with no invasive surgery needed.


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