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Neck pain can develop over time, or it can happen very suddenly. No matter what the cause of the pain, Dr. An and his team at An Chiropractic & Spine Center in Dallas, Texas is ready to help patients relieve their neck pain.


Neck Pain Q & A

by Ted S. An, DC

Why Does Neck Pain Happen?

Neck pain has several possible causes. Poor posture is one of the primary reasons that people may have neck pain today. Constant slouching or slumping, or even just slightly hunching the shoulders forward chronically, can have a major negative impact on the neck over time. Another reason that people develop pain in the neck area is related to the workplace. People who have desk jobs in which they tend to continually strain their neck forward to see the computer screen better can develop neck pain very quickly. Sometimes, the neck pain happens after an accident, especially in cases like auto accidents.

What Can a Chiropractor Do for Neck Pain?

Neck pain relief starts with a cervical spine examination. The chiropractor will gently palpate the entire area, looking for misalignments and other damage to the neck area. A hands-on adjustment can be done right away in most cases. This helps guide any misaligned vertebrae into the correct position. Non-surgical spinal decompression is extremely helpful for many neck pain patients. For people who need additional pain relief, other therapy options like massage and the Synaptic pain control system are also options. A chiropractic care provider can resolve neck pain without any medication or surgery.

How Can Neck Pain Be Prevented in the Future?

Good posture is very important when it comes to the prevention of neck pain. Anyone who has experienced neck pain in the past should be very mindful to stand tall and straight. When sitting at a desk or table, it is important to avoid craning the neck forward. The chiropractic care provider may have some other specific advice about avoiding further neck pain once the problem has been fully treated. As long as a patient is fully dedicated to keeping themselves healthy, there is no reason for neck pain or any other type of pain to occur in their lives.


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